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Stressing WordPress

A bit of a geek moment: 80,000 requests per minute to my personal WordPress stack (this blog) in a synthetic stress test with an average page response under 300 milliseconds. CDN + HAProxy + mod_security + Varnish + nginx + … Continue reading

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Finished with rotting games

I’m tired of games that punish you for not playing. Tiny Tower, all the Tap Farm/Fish/City/whatever, Mall Party, etc all have a way of ensuring that you play very regularly or they will “rot” in such a way that forces … Continue reading

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Social network burnout

I’ve given up on most of my social networks.  They just aren’t worth all the effort to maintain them.  Sure, there are other services out there that make updating multiple networks easier, but what’s the point?  As much as I … Continue reading

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Multitasking obsessed

More rumors have been flying about iPhone multitasking and people have been eating them up. People say they want to keep all sorts of things running in the background, Twitter apps, documents, music apps, etc. But there are only a … Continue reading

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