Vaughan Family 2013 Retrospective

2013 was a big year for the Vaughan Family.

The year started off slowly enough. Life carried on for the four of us in the Hyde Park apartment. Tate was in school. Jasper and Megan were at home. Ben worked downtown.

Late in the spring, Megan got her regional assignment to region 5, which is our “home” region (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin). Megan started having conversations with Trinity Lutheran Church in Rockford, Illinois. These conversations progressed and resulted in Megan being called as the Associate Pastor at Trinity where she is focusing on children and family ministry. A few weeks after starting work at Trinity, Megan was ordained. Six years after coming to Chicago, we had met our goal.

This new job for Megan meant that we left our LSTC home and family for a new home in a new town. We looked long and hard and finally settled on a nice house in Rockton, Illinois. We are now homeowners and are enjoying all the good and all the bad that comes along with owning our own home. It’s very different from living in the city and we’re OK with that. We are very happy to get back to our small-town living.

Tate is in a new school. He’s learning and growing and fearlessly blazing the trail as our oldest child. It’s nice being in a smaller school system. His teachers are much more engaged with him and have been working with us to make sure Tate gets adjusted to his new school.

Jasper goes to the daycare/preschool that’s associated with Trinity. So, he gets to “go to work” with Mom. He loves his new school.

Ben is still working in Chicago. His employer has graciously granted him the privilege of working from home several days a week, so the 4 hour daily commute isn’t so bad when he only has to do it 3 days a week.

We closed out 2013 in a new home, in a new town, with one of us having a new job. We look forward to all the adventures that 2014 will bring.

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