Disney Vacation 2014 – Wednesday: Off Day

Vacations are hard work and can leave you tired and cranky if you don’t manage your time well. Today was originally scheduled to be a Universal Studios / Seaworld day, but it was clear after yesterday that we needed to have a down-day to recover some wits and energy before finishing the week strong.

So, with that in mind, we didn’t make any plans. We slept in. We had a slow morning. We watched the animals from our deck. It was nice.

We had enough of sitting around, so we headed out to Downtown Disney to see the sights and taste the tastes.

Ben eating ice creamTate chose to stay behind with the second wave heading out, so he got on a later bus with Grandma and Grandpa. Jasper, Megan, and I had a quick lunch and started exploring the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Eventually we found ourselves at the Ghirardelli store and I was able to get my much anticipated ice cream super sundae. It wasn’t a meal, but it may as well have been.

From there we split up. Megan and Jasper went back to the resort to have some down time. Jasper fell asleep just a few minutes after getting on the bus.

Tate and I spent at least 30 minutes (if not a lot more) at the Lego store building race cars in the play area with his cousins. Tate built two good racers and had many races down the lego store race tracks.

From there we wandered inward and checked out the DisneyQuest to see what it was all about. From what we could see, it is a huge arcade, full of virtual reality stuff, classic arcade games, and other games. The trouble for us was that it is an all-day place with an all-day admission price. So, we decided to move on.

By this time we had hooked up with Grandma, Grandpa, and Tina and it was getting close to our reservation time at Raglan Road Irish Pub. We decided to step in to the House of Blues for a bit to get out of the cool breeze and to enjoy a “warm up”. It was quiet at the House of Blues and we were able to spend the time in nice conversation.

We moved to the Raglan Road Irish Pub for some good food, good music, and Irish dancers. We listened to live music and watched dancers dancing Irish jigs as we ate good food. It was a very nice experience.

For a day that was supposed to be a day of nothing, we sure did plenty. Hopefully we are recharged enough to tackle Epcot in the tomorrow. Epcot is, by far, my favorite Disney Park. I’m sure I’ll have an extra long entry for tomorrow.

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