Disney Vacation 2014 – Thursday: Epcot

Spaceship EarthEpcot is, by far, my favorite park at Disney World. I think it is because the original idea of EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) was to showcase technological innovation, the diversity of world culture, and the underlying optimism that Walt Disney put into building the place. It’s quite refreshing to participate in that sort of optimism, even if today’s Epcot isn’t the fully-formed vision of Walt Disney.

Enough of the philosophical banter. On to the day…

We got to the park straight away and went to The Land pavilion to go Soarin’. From there, we broke up and Tate went with Grandma and Grandpa to do The Circle of Life, Megan, Jasper, and I went to Living With The Land to ride in the botanical greenhouse. We saw a tomato tree that was quite large. I think I’m going to try growing one at home this spring.

By this time, the World Showcase had opened up and we were coming up on our lunch reservation time at the San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion. We walked over to the World Showcase and hung out in the Mexico area while we waited for the family to gather for lunch.

English phone boxLunch at the San Angel was very good, but most of us ate a pretty light lunch. We had the idea that we were going to “eat around the world” as we toured the different World Showcase countries. We had a bratwurst in Germany and crepes in France, then dinner in Japan.

At one point, Tate and I wandered back into Future world to go to the World of Energy show. The last time I was on this ride was when I was Tate’s age and I remember it being all about oil and how great oil was. It has been updated to still talk about oil (obviously) but present alternative energy in a realistic light and made statements about how these alternatives were the way of the future. And it still had the rolling theater seats with the dinosaurs!

We made one more stop in Future world for Spaceship Earth before heading back into the World Showcase. It’s still doing the cheesy interactive “future chooser” think on the little screen in the car. It seems like such a waste to have all that space inside that giant ball during downward portion of the ride to have all of us staring at the little screen in our car.

Birdie and Snow WhiteWe took a boat ride over to Morocco to meet up with the family for dinner. The family was pretty spread out, between Germany, Morocco, and France. It took a while to get all back together. Joe and Deanne took Birdie to see Snow White while we were waiting.

Dinner was a quick service in Japan. We were cold and needed to get out of the wind. We sat for too long and were very politely chased out by the workers at the Japan quick service dinner spot.

It was late and we were all tired. We caught the last boat (butt) across the lake and made our way to the bus depot. We crawled onto a bus, slinked our way back to our room and promptly fell asleep. It was a good day.

Spaceship Earth at night

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