Disney Vacation 2014 – Sunday: Calm Before The Storm

Sunday started with Uncle Doug and Grandma coming by to pick up the boys so Megan and I could go and get a couples massage. The message was great and frou-frou with fancy this and that. I can see how some people get addicted to spa treatments…

Jambo House Lodge atriumOnce we were done being pampered, we packed up the room and got ready to migrate to the Animal Kingdom resort where we will be basing our operations with the family for the remainder of the week. We talked to the Bell Desk and they had a guy out to our room promptly at 10:30am to pick up our bags and transfer them to the Animal Kingdom Resort. It didn’t go as smoothly as it could have this time (because we gave them the wrong area at the Animal Kingdom resort for the bag’s destination), but we eventually got our bags and it wasn’t so late that it caused any problems.

Ben eating ice cream.Megan and I got out to the Animal Kingdom Lodge before our room was ready, so we ate left-over Bongo’s from last night in the Savanna Overlook and hung out in the gargantuan atrium area of the main lodge. I broke down and indulged in a Mickey-shaped ice cream treat. It was great.

We got the notification that the room was available just a few minutes before the family was to arrive, so we waited a bit longer before heading up to the room. We went outside to the driveway to meet Joe, Deanne, and Birdie as they got off the Magical Express. By that time Grandma, Grandpa, Doug, Sarah and the boys were already with us at the lodge and we all went up to the room together.

Jambo villa table and kitchenIt was something of an ordeal finding the room. Animal Kingdom Jambo House is a big place with lots of long, sweeping hallways. Eventually we found the room and to say it is nice is an understatement. Three bedrooms, a billiards room, a full kitchen and ten-place dining room table (with bench seating on one side), surround sound in the living room, whirlpool tub with HD TV in the right spot for relaxing in the tub, the room has it all. This takes up our vacation points for the next couple years.

And now the fun begins. We have all the cousins in one place and wow, it’s crazy. This will be quite the adventure for all of us.

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