Disney Vacation 2014 – Saturday: Traveling Home

We had done most of the packing last night, so we made it out of the room in plenty of time. Megan wanted to make a quick dash over to the Animal Kingdom park to get a t-shirt for Molly, so she left early and caught all the busses right on time, so she got back before the boys and I even made it down to breakfast.

We got the bags down and ready to check at the airline check-in counter. One of the bags was overweight, so I had to redistribute some stuff between the two bags. We packed one giant bag and one small bag for all four of us, so the small bag that I repacked was stuffed to to bursting point, but we got the larger one under weight.

In the repacking process, I got our Magical Express tickets lost in one of the checked bags. I was worried about this, but I shouldn’t have. We were able to get on the bus without much hassle.

We got to the airport with time to spare, so we wandered around a bit, found some lunch and made our way through security to the gate area. We had some time to kill, so we sat and watched the airplanes come in.

We got out of Orlando about 10 minutes late, but otherwise just fine. About 90 minutes into the flight, the captain came over the intercom to tell us that we were going to be in a holding pattern over Chicago to wait for the weather to clear at Midway. About 15 minutes later, the captain came on again to tell us that we were being diverted to Detroit due to our fuel status.

Detroit airport gate D15So, our vacation was extended by a few hours and another city. We sat in the gate area of Detroit’s airport for about 3 hours with two squirrelly boys and several plane loads of other weary travelers. The flight over to Chicago was quick and bumpy, but we made it safely to Midway around 6pm local time.

We picked up our car and drove back to Rockton and were in bed within the hour. We were exhausted, but happy to be home. Another successful vacation is in the books.

We’re already planning our next…

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