Disney Vacation 2014 – Saturday: Race Day!

Neither Megan nor I slept well last night. Megan was worried about not being able to race (because we didn’t get the race packet) and I was worried about making sure she got to the bus OK at 3am, then managing the logistics of the morning, getting the three Vaughan Boys to the right places at the right times to cheer for Mom as she ran across the finish line.

We shouldn’t have worried so much. Megan got her race bib without much hassle and was able to run a good race in the Florida humidity. Megan wrote about her experience in her own words.Half-Marathon Finisher's Medal

The boys and I made it out of the room by 6:30, which was a bit too early. Nothing opens until 7, so we sat around and watched old Disney cartoons for 30 minutes before the breakfast place opened up.

We ate then caught the bus to the finish line. It was a moving party. 60,000 runners means that there is a constant stream of finishers crossing the line. Happily, Megan had her Runtastic app running, so we could watch her progress and have a rough idea of when she would finish.

After the race we went back to the room where Megan took some time to relax and recover and the boys and I went to the pool to engage in some frivolity.

Relaxed and (somewhat) recovered, we headed out to meet up with my family over in Downtown Disney. We had dinner at Bongo’s, which was pretty good, but entirely too much food, even after a long day of walking (and running) all over Disney.Jasper being gross

Tomorrow, Megan and I have massages in the morning and we are moving from Saratoga Springs to the Animal Kingdom. Joe, Deanne, Birdie, and Tina are flying in, so the whole gang will be in town.

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