Disney Vacation 2014 – Friday: Travel Day

The morning started out quiet, but ended up being quite rushed as we were trying to get out the door on time.

We got on the road OK, but of course Jasper had to go to the bathroom when we were on the middle of the toll-way with the next stop being 30 minutes out. Then again at the airport. Then again on the airplane.

imageWe made it to Midway about an 90 minutes before our flight. It took a lot longer to get through security this time than it has in the past. (All the while, Jasper had to go potty). We made it through, went to the bathroom, got lunch and got to our gate jut in time to board.

We landed in Orlando and were greeted by 80-degree temperatures and cloudy skies… so much nicer than the 30-degree fog that we left behind in Chicago. We got turned around a bit in the airport trying to get to the Magical Express, but we got straightened out and made it to our bus in plenty of time.

We got to Saratoga Springs, got checked in, and dropped stuff off in the room. Megan needed to get out to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up her race materials, so we hopped on the bus.

Tate and Jasper on the plane.There are no direct routes from Saratoga Springs to the ESPN park, so we had to take a bus out to the All-Stars Sports resort to make a transfer. We got to our transfer point after 7pm and we were tired, hungry, and travel-weary. We stood around a while wondering when the bus would come to take us out to ESPN. We went inside and learned that the ESPN park had shut down already and we weren’t going to be able to get the race packet.

The whole reason for coming down two days early was to participate in the half-marathon and, at least to our weary eyes, this was coming into doubt. In desperation, we turned to the concierge desk at the All-Stars resort.

The Concierge at the desk was very helpful. She said not to worry, that Megan could pick up her race bib (the very minimum part of the race packet that she would need to participate in the race) in the morning at the race starting line. She suggested that Megan get there as early as possible to make sure the race volunteers could help her get everything she needed before the crush of runners got there and they were too busy to help.

With that, we ate a late dinner of so-so food with a couple hundred high-school aged athletes and took a long bus ride back to our room.

Megan got dressed in her running outfit and went to bed. She needs to be up at 2:30am to catch her bus at 3 to make it to the starting line at EPCOT in time to get her bib.

Let’s hope that tomorrow is just as exciting, but in a more positive way.

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