Follow up on the ER visit

Jasper on the hospital bed

So, Jasper did great in the ER. Me… not so much.

The doctor came in to take a look before she started, took away the prep cotton and said “wow”. He had a laceration about an inch and a half long, all the way to the bone. She said that she would have to “repair” it.

They wrapped him into a papoose board and got started. Megan held him at his feet on the uninjured side and I held him at his chest on the side where the doctor was working. He did not like being swaddled like that and as soon as the Doctor started the first stitch, Jasper started screaming. That spot above the eyelid and below the eyebrow is really sensitive and the numbing gel didn’t have quite enough effect. She put in a few stitches while Jasper struggled, then called for more local anesthetic to help dull the pain in his eyebrow.

By this time, I was tired and sore from trying to hold him against his struggling. We hadn’t eaten lunch and it was getting past 1:30pm.  The stress of seeing my baby boy’s supraorbital foramen, the stitches going in, hearing him scream “I want to get out!!” and struggle, me struggling to keep my emotions in check and having to hold him down so he could get his eyebrows poked was just too much for me. I started feeling a little light headed and sweaty. I said that I needed to sit down and both the nurse and the doctor stopped what they were doing and walked me to a chair. I didn’t pass out, but I had to close my eyes and breath deep to keep myself from blacking out.

I wanted to get back up to help, but got a look from the nurse that kept me in the chair.

Jasper after stitches
Jasper after stitches

Jasper ended up with 8 stitches. I didn’t see the last few go in. But with the extra pain medicine, he didn’t struggle so much. They cleaned him up, put a bandaid on the site and let him out of the papoose. Not even a few seconds later and he was back up and it was as if nothing had just happened.

They kept us there for a bit longer, probably to keep me sitting down, before bringing the discharge papers. Jasper will have to go in on Friday to get the stitches taken out and we need to take extra care to keep them clean and soft.

In all the hustle and bustle of getting the family to the hospital, I did an incomplete job of gathering our things from church before leaving. We discovered that I left Megan’s office keys (amongst many other things including Megan’s phone) in her office inside the locked church. We drove home, then I went back later when we knew people would be around to let me in. I got back around 6:30pm with all the missing things.

What a long day.

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