First ER Visit!

20120304-122329.jpgIt took only 6 and a half years. We finally have our first visit to the ER. And it wasn’t for the the boy who we thought it would be…

Jasper was running through the after-worship crowd, playing like a 2-year-old does. When all of a sudden he tripped over his own feet and fell face-first into a coffee table.

At first it looked like any other Jasper moment, but someone called out “I see blood!” and boy what’s there. With he help of several people (Thank you!!) I got him quickly into the kitchen area and finally has a look at the wound. He has a good 1 inch gash above his eye, below his eyebrow… and I could see bone.

After a lot of attention from the church ladies, many bloody paper towels, and some help from a doctor, we went off to the ER.

We’re in the ER now. Jasper is doing fine and even trying to climb around. He has some numbing gel on the cut and we’re waiting for it to do its thing before the doctor comes in to clean it up and put in the stitches or staples.

I’ll put up some more pics up after the doctor is done with him.

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