At the MSI

The office is on holiday today, so we are at the Museum of Science and Industry exploring some of our favorite exhibits. Right now, Tate and I are waiting in line for the coal mine tour.

20120220-103854.jpg It’s been quite a while since I’ve done the coal mine tour. I think the last time I went was with Tate not long after we first moves to Chicago.

Tate is being impatient, as usual. I think the next stop will be the ice cream parlor. An old fashioned ice cream sundae sounds quite nice.

We’re done with the coal mine now. As much as Tate complained about waiting, he was quite fascinate by the tour. He excitedly participated in the tour and our guide played along nicely. Now we’re waiting to meet up with Mom and Jasper.

We should have set a rally point…

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