Disney Vacation 2012 – Day 6

Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios

On Friday the boys and the girls went separate ways. The boys went back to Hollywood Studios and the girls went to Universal Studios to see the Magical World of Harry Potter. Perhaps I can talk Megan into guest-blogging the Universal Studios experiences. I will focus on the boys’ day in his post.

The day started by trying to get Megan and Molly from the resort (which is on the Disney property) to Universal Studios theme park. We had scheduled a cab, but they weren’t able to find it that morning, even after several calls back to the taxi dispatch. They ended up catching a ride on a shuttle with another group that was going to Universal as well.

The boys and I got ourselves ready and caught a bus over to Hollywood Studios. The goal was to let Tate have a second chance to do the Jedi Padiwan training “experience” that he did do on Wednesday. Long story short, he decided (again) not to do it. I even explained to him that we would not be back for several years, but he was resolute in his decision.

So instead we went on the Great Movie Ride. Both boys seemed to enjoy this ride, except where the alien jumps out of the ceiling. Tate seemed really interested in the part about westerns. I may have to break out some old John Wayne movies to get him more acquainted with the genre.

We wandered around for a bit and found our way to he “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” play lot. They had fun climbing around on the giant ant, giant spiderweb, giant blades of grass, and giant sniffing dog nose. I had to run to keep up with Jasper. He was having the time of his life.

We spent lunch at Pizza Planet.

20120121-213316.jpg This was both a good thing and a bad thing. It was good because I had them both engaged. It was bad because he were both engaged in something other than lunch. The pizza was on par with Pizza Hut, so not bad, but really not good either (Chicago Pizza Snob talking here). There were a lot of video games for the boys to “play”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any quarters…

I was finally able to drag them away from the video games by asking them if they wanted to go back to Epcot. They both said yeah! We got about half way back to the bus and Jasper was almost asleep in he stroller and Tate was asleep on his feet. I suggested to them that we should go back to the room for some rest, then we would go swimming. They both agreed that this sounded like a better idea.

We made it back to the room and they were both asleep within minutes and slept for more than two hours. I sat out on the balcony and wrote (and snoozed).

By the time we got down to the pool, most of the pool area was in the shadow of the Bay Lake Tower, so it was a bit cool in the breeze. It did little to slow down the boys. They both played in the pool with great vigor, even to the point where Jasper was (seemingly) trying to drown himself and having a great time doing it. Tate went down the big slide all by himself many times.

Finally it was time to be done so we could head upstairs to get cleaned up in time for Megan and Molly to be home. Jasper didn’t want to hear any of this. He stomped his feet and said “but I want to” and walked right in to the deep end of the pool.

Well, this wasn’t my first dance and I saw where his little show of independence was going. I caught him by the arm just as he hit the water (and just as the lifeguard was getting out of his seat). He wasn’t too happy about that, but I had him.

We just finished cleaning up when Megan and Molly made it back to the room. They brought beer and frozen pizzas, the perfect meal to end a day like this.

Tomorrow we fly home and we have a lot of work to do before we can go. Come back tomorrow to read the exciting conclusion of our family vacation story.

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