Disney Vacation 2012 – Day 5

Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Thursday started out with a bit more excitement than we wanted. Jasper, probably due gorging himself the night before, got sick first thing in the morning, then again just before we were set to leave. But, he was quite chipper through the whole thing, jumping around and generally being a 2-year-old, which made clean-up quite difficult. We decided that we were going to go for it with him instead of having someone stay behind with him. We brought along a big barf bag, just in case. Happily, we didn’t need to use it.

Jasper pretending to swimWe worked our way back to the African Safari first thing. Although the Animal Kingdom park seemed fairly busy, we didn’t have to wait more than a minute to get on the truck. We saw a lot more wildlife this time than we did last year. Jasper especially liked the giraffes and we got a lot of good pictures.

Even though he had been looking better, Jasper started slowing down right when we got to the park. By the time we were done with the African Safari, he was pretty much ready to fall back asleep. He spent most of the rest of the morning in the stroller snoozing.

It turned out that President Obama was at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday at noon. It’s a good thing that we weren’t planning on being there because I’m sure the crowds were crazy. It also explains the extra cautious security screening we received when we were at the Magic Kingdom a couple days before. He was long gone by the time we got back to our resort (which is right next to the Magic Kingdom), but everyone on the bus was talking about how jammed up things were for the last couple hours. If they only knew what happens when he comes home to Hyde Park for a long weekend…

We took some extra time to catch some rest at the resort and while Jasper slept, Tate and I went out to the pool area to play outside for a while. It was a bit cool because the pool is in the shadow of Bay Lake Tower, but we still had fun. The pool has a sloped floor, so Tate was able to find a comfortable place to play while also becoming more comfortable with swimming. We really need to get him into some good lessons. He really freaks out in the water.

We went down the big slide several times and the little slide more times than I can count. By then the pool deck was almost entirely in the shade, so we found the last few slivers of sunshine (along with several other people) to warm up and dry off. Megan, Molly and Jasper came out onto the balcony to beckon us upstairs to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.

Dinner was back in Epcot at Tappan Edo, a Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant. The boys enjoyed the show, but neither ate much. I think vacation fatigue has started to set in. We roamed around the Japan pavilion for a while as we waited for the evening light show to start. I found some Japanese peppermint candy that I feared might have been a crazy-powerful peppermint, but it turned out to be about the same as a candy cane.

Our seats for the light show weren’t the greatest, but they were still pretty good. We got to see everything up close with only a few trees and things in the way. The boys and Aunt Molly loved the show. I held on to Jasper for most of the show and he kept saying “Daddy! Fire!”. Illuminations Light Show

It was 9:30 by the time the show was over and we were all pretty tired. But, my Epcot experience was not yet complete. I had not yet seen Captain EO and I wasn’t going to let this trip to Disney World come to an end without seeing it. Megan and Molly graciously granted me the extra time to go see it before heading back to the room. I took Tate with me. We were two of about twenty people in the huge Captain EO theater. We got great seats and the show was as awesome as ever. Woooo!

Tomorrow Megan and Molly are going to Universal Studios Theme Park to visit the Magical World of Harry Potter. The boys and I will be visiting the Hollywood Studios park again, then taking it easy, perhaps playing out in the pool again. Come back tomorrow to see if us boys can survive on our own for a day!


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