Disney Vacation 2012 – Day 4

Hollywood Studios

We took a bus over to Hollywood Studios Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful and sunny morning. We got to the park, but got the tickets messed up and I ended up with Tate’s ticket and he had mine. Unfortunately we were separated when we got to the ticket gate, but luckily the gate keepers only made a small fuss about this and let us all in.

We headed straight back for the Jedi training, but Tate wasn’t up for it. He was being a bit of a mope. This attitude persisted for most of the day and it was a real downer. I’m not sure what got into him.

Megan, Molly and Tate went to do the Toy Story experience and Jasper and I wandered around the back lots. We found Lightening McQueen and Mater and got our pictures taken with them. Next we found Phineas and Ferb and met back up with the rest of the family. Tate was being shy, but we got him to join us with Phineas and Ferb for a picture and autographs. It was pretty cool.

We split up to ride Star Tours in shifts since Jasper was too short to ride. It was quite fun, but it shook up my stomach quite a bit. I must not be as young as I once was. Tate got to ride it twice. Lucky.

Jasper as the Red Ranger

While Tate, Megan and Molly were on Star Tours, Jasper and I wandered around a bit. We found ourselves in front of the face painting kiosk and Jasper was staring intently at the poster with all the designs. He really liked the Red Ranger design. I was certain that he wouldn’t be able to sit still while the artist put the make-up on, but he insisted that he wanted to do it. He did a great job of sitting still and the result was pretty awesome.

We saw the car stunt show for the first time. We hadn’t seen it during our previous visits and we should have, because it was pretty awesome. The show was set up to show both how car stunts are done and how movies are made. A while into the show as the crew was taking a long time setting up for the next stunt sequence, Tate gets all teenager-y and says “I’m bored. What’s so exciting about cars skidding around in circles?” Thankfully Lightening McQueen came out and saved us by making things interesting again.

The day started sunny and mild, but turned to overcast and drizzly. This wasn’t such a bad thing. The park pretty much cleared out once the rain started. The radar showed a pretty significant storm heading our way mid-afternoon, but it had lost most of its punch by the time it got to us. We had about an hour of drizzles, then a clear and open park to enjoy.

We had dinner at Mama Melrose’s Italian Restaurant. It was a great meal. Our server was a soft-spoken, very proper and polite fellow who was great with the kids. They had real food on the kids menu. Jasper got a very nice pizza, not the microwave-special you usually get, and Tate got some very nice wood-grilled salmon. Jasper stuffed himself silly and Tate only nibbled. The rest of us stuffed ourselves on some great Italian food.

The park closed relatively early, so we got home earlier than we had yet this week. This didn’t stop us from hitting the sack right away. Thursday we’re going to the Animal Kingdom, then Epcot for dinner and the evening light show. I’ll probably get that blog post up late too…


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