Disney Vacation 2012 – Day 3


Tuesday was an “Extra Magic Hour”  for people staying on the Disney properties to have an extra hour in the park before it is open to the general pubic. We made it in time to get onto Spaceship Earth and Soarin’ without having to wait much at all. Spaceship Earth was still disappointing for me, but probably because I’m getting the old-man “when I was a kid…” thing going and remembering things better than they actually were.

We split up a lot on Tuesday, mostly to deal with the kids and their various moods and wants. Tate and I went to do Kimpossible crime fighting missions as soon as the World Showcase opened up while Megan, Molly and Jasper went to explore other parts of the World Showcase. Tate was sooooo excited about doing it. He’s been talking about it all year. We found clues and solved crimes in Germany, Japan, joined up with the rest of the family in America for lunch, then went to France and rid it of mind-control-ray wielding bad guys. We had one more mission to complete before the world was completely safe from villainy, but Tate was tapped out. The criminal elements in Mexico will have a reprieve until next time we make it to Epcot.

Tate was not the only one who had found his limit. The rest of us were pretty tired too. We explored Norway and went on the Maelstrom ride. I held Jasper and he liked it but hung on very tightly. After that, Jasper was at the point of hyper-active-not-going-to-stop-moving-or-else-I’ll-fall-asleep. He was running around in circles, doing funny dance moves and putting on a great show for the Norwegians running the gift shop. So I strapped him into the stroller (much to his displeasure) and we went walking while Megan, Tate and Jasper explored more of Epcot. Jasper and I tried many things to get to sleep, but what finally did it was sitting in the darkness of the Universe of Energy atrium, then going out into the sunlight. That forced him to close his eyes and he was out for more than two hours.

Once he was asleep, I met back up with the rest of the family and we moseyed around for a while. We didn’t do a whole lot more other than just taking in the sights and taking more pictures. The Florida sun really kicked in and we opted for exploring the indoor activities.

We had dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant. This restaurant sits next to the acquarium that is part of The Seas, so we got to watch fishes swim around while we ate… fish. Tate barely touched his dinner and Jasper was still in the “YIP YIP WEE WEE WEE!!!” mode. Towards the end of dinner, a giant sea turtle descended in front the window nearest to our table. It caused quite a commotion and it sat there for the rest of our stay. Coral Reef Sea Turtle

We survived dinner then headed home. Our intention was to make Tuesday evening a bit shorter, to get back to the resort to have a bit of time to unwind and get plenty of rest. Well, that didn’t happen. We took the mono-rail at home and at some point got on the wrong train, so our commute took longer than it should have. Oh well. We were riding the monorail, so it was all good.

We got back around 9. I put the boys through the bath and Megan and Molly explored the resort a bit. Again, Tate put himself right to bed and Jasper took a while to get settled down.

Wednesday we will be going to Hollywood Studios. Come back for more stories of great adventures!

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