Disney Vacation 2012 – Day 2

Magic Kingdom

The sun came up and we were anxious to get the day started. We had a lot to do to get his crew up and out the door. We had lunches to make, a daypack to pack, tickets to find. All this and more. Perhaps I was fretting over a few little things, as is my nature, but I was told LET’S GO!!! So, away we went for our first day in Disney World.

We rode the monorail around to the Magic Kingdom. As soon as we got into the park, we were able to go see Mickey and Minnie for pictures and autographs. Unfortunately we didn’t have an autograph book yet, but we got some good pictures. On our way out, a nice cast member offered to stitch the boys names into the backs of their mouse ears caps. For free! That never happens at Disney! So, of course we accepted their offer.

We hit as many of the big rides as we could, including the Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, It’s A Small World, the Tiki Room (restored to its former glory), and many others. For the most part, the boys did really well with the rides. Tate even did Space mountain with Megan and I!

While watching one of the many parades, we shared a turkey leg as a family. It was huge and even sharing it with Megan, Molly, Tate and Jasper left me feeling quite full, not to mention messy.

Dinner was quite an experience. It was a buffet, but nothing like your Shoney’s or Shakey’s. It was quite marvelous and we all stuffed ourselves senseless, then went back for the dessert buffet.

The Winnie he Pooh characters joined us for dinner, so we got pictures and autographs with Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and the great Pooh himself. Tate did really well with these characters. Jasper is still a bit uncertain.

I think we’ve figured out Tate’s shyness about the characters. It seems that he’s ok with any character that is in a full body costume, but gets scared with any characters that are clearly people dressed in costume. This has been a bit frustrating, but now that we’ve figured this out, we’re able to get work with it.

As I mentioned, we saw many parades and shows throughout the day. One of the shows was about dreams coming true and another about the magic of Disney; standard fare for Disney. There was a light show projected on the castle that was pretty impressive and the evening fireworks and musical presentation was pretty awesome. The way they can fill the park with sound without having obvious stacks of loudspeakers everywhere is very impressive. There are many things that Disney does right in their parks and putting on a show, especially the sound engineering is definitely one of them.

We stayed for the fireworks and a few last this-and-that, then headed back to our resort. The monorail ride was short, but we had to wait a while to get on the train. It probably wasn’t really that long, but we were all tired, so it seemed like a long time. We made it back and after a few minutes we couldn’t find Tate! It turns out that he had put himself to bed. Blow me down.

Tomorrow is EPCOT, my favorite. I’m sure I’ll have more stories for you after our day exploring FutureWorld and the World Showcase.


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