Life with a 2-year old, part MMCXIII

We’ve had a rough weekend with the boys. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. All weekend.

Sitting at dinner tonight, they were up to their same old games. They weren’t eating. They were screwing around, picking at their food, making messes, yelling… pretty much anything that they weren’t supposed to be doing. The Wife and I start throwing down sanctions and they laugh at us.

I say to Boy 2 (the two year old) in a stern voice: “You’re pushing all the buttons tonight.”

Without skipping a beat, he reaches out and touches The Wife on the arm and says “beep!”

We all broke out laughing. I think it was more of a cry-laugh, but we all laughed for a good long while. That was a nice break from the weekend’s worth of frustration.

Too bad the boy’s behavior didn’t improve after this incident…

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