Harry Potter and The End

I just got out of seeing the last Harry Potter movie with my wife. It was quite enjoyable and well done, but I am left with a sense of loss and finality. I was so excited to see it. But part way through the movie I was struck by the thought that I DIDN’T want to see it. I didn’t want Harry Potter to end.

I read the first four books during the summer of 2001, just before the first movie came out. Since then, I have been right up there with the superfans. Perhaps not quite as rabid as some, but I was there for many midnight book releases and I’ve waited in line for hours to see the midnight showing of my share of the movies. I remember the first several movies coming out around Christmas time and sharing those movies with my family. I remember the shift in tone of the movies between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban and again after The Goblet of Fire. I remember how Harry, Ron and Hermione grew and changed through the books from whiney kids to whiney teenagers.

The stories created an intricate and vivid world in which we all found easy to become lost. We welcomed this escape. I have shared in this global cultural experience and I feel some sense of loss now that this movie is out, this final chapter has closed.

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