Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend started off stressful and ended great.

I have a huge project running at work that is turning more and more whiskers grey. We had many changes go into our production environment on Friday and Saturday and I was a bit nervous about some of them. Due to my great team and their ability to rise to the challenges, all of the changes went in without any disruption to the business. This made the stress level drop dramatically.

Saturday we drove to Clinton to get Aunt Molly. She will be staying with us for a good chunk of the summer. It was just a day-trip, so we spent most of the day in the car. It will be great having her around.

Sunday was pretty much a down day. It rained all day, with some big storms thrown in for good measure. I started watching the LOTR trilogy (extended version, of course).

Memorial day was spent doing a bit of exploring of Downtown Chicago, laying and setting paving stones in our courtyard and a neighborhood picnic. I’m sore and tired after pounding in paving stones for several hours this afternoon, but the time spent with neighbors was well worth the work. Having great neighbors makes life so much better.

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