Disney Vaca: The Follow-up

It’s been several weeks now since we got back and enough time to write a few random thoughts about the experience.

We really enjoyed our visit to Disney World and found it to be well worth the effort and money spent.  The boys did really well (in aggregate) and seemed to enjoy the experience.  I’m still not sure how much they actually got out of it.  Tate couldn’t talk about anything other than our for nearly a month.

It took both boys several weeks to re-acclimate to normal life.  Tate was extremely unfocused at school and Jasper wouldn’t sleep in his bed for a long time.

We got reasonably good deals on the airfare, but the car rental was a bit more than it could have been.  I should have researched the insurance options before I got suckered at the counter.

Of all the parks, Epcot was our favorite, especially the World Showcase.  We could spend several days in the World Showcase alone.

We loved our experience so much that we bought into the Disney Vacation Club.  It’s something like a forced vacation savings program and it’s good for the next 50 years.  We’re already planning our next trip!

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