Disney Vaca: Day 7 – Cocoa Beach

Today was our cool-down day… the vacation from the vacation… before we went home.  I think it went pretty well.

We drove over to Cocoa Beach to enjoy some down time and catch some Florida sun before heading back to the Chicago blizzard that awaits.

We found the beach, almost by accident.  The public beach access was a little sliver of land between a condo and a posh resort-looking spot.  It was still a bit chilly when we got there, so the beach was mostly empty.  It was nice to have some open space to ourselves. We played and played.  Tate was somewhat adventurous about going out into the water.  Jasper just ran away as soon as it got close.  We all got our feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean, so we can check that one off our list.

We stopped by the Ron Jon Surf Shop, just to say that we did.  Megan picked out a nice flowery beach shirt for me.  Now I have two “Hawaiian” shirts to wear to work.  We now have a lot of Ron Jon stickers to stick on stuff too.

We drove past the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center on our way home.  We didn’t stop.  We are all burned out on “attractions” and as much as I would have enjoyed visiting the space center, the rest of the family was ready to retire for the day.

A simple home-made meal and a general clean-up was on order for the evening.  The laundry has been done, the boarding passes have been printed and we’re pretty much ready to go home.  Both Tate and Jasper fought going to sleep tonight.  Finally, they’re both asleep and Megan and I are making the final preparations for returning to the real world.

Tomorrow: home, snow and cold.  Hopefully the weather in Chicago doesn’t delay our flight too much.

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