Disney Vaca: Day 4 – Hollywood Studios

Thursday was Hollywood Studios day.  We’re starting to feel the burn from running so hard all week.

We decided to be lazy and not pack a lunch today.  We also didn’t make it to the park right as it was opening, as we had the previous days.  Vacation is hard work.

It was cold today.  I think the temp never rose about 50-something and it was significantly cooler in the shade.  It hit us right away as we rode the tram from the parking lot to the park entrance.  The tram doesn’t go very fast, but it was fast enough to put the chill into us first thing in the morning.

Hollywood Studios seemed busier than the other parks.  It was certainly more crowded, but I think it’s also significantly smaller than either Epcot or The Magic Kingdom.  Still, it wasn’t so crowded that we didn’t enjoy ourselves.

I particularly enjoyed the 50’s style art-deco motif that was prevalent through the “Hollywood Boulevard” and “Sunset Boulevard” sections of the park.  Megan thinks I’m crazy, but if I ever get to have a “Man Cave”, I’m going to decorate it in this same style.

We did the Great Movie Ride first.  It was set in a mock-Chinese Theater and was a good tour of the highlights of some fantastic movie moments.  It made me want to watch a bunch of old Westerns and Gangster movies.

We visited the Animation Studios first and Tate seemed to enjoy this quite a bit.  They showed how they develop characters from the pre-story to the final script. We also had an opportunity to visit Lotsa, the pink, huggable bear from Toy Story 3, but both boys were too shy to get their picture taken with him.

We were looking for more Playhouse Disney stuff and we found one stage show with some of the Playhouse Disney characters, but that was really all there was.  We were hoping to see more characters like the Jungle Junction guys, or the Chuggington guys.  Also, we haven’t seen much of Phineas and Ferb, other than a few souvenir plush dolls.  P & F is the biggest show on the Disney Channel right now and Tate loves them.

After lunch we did the Indiana Jones stunt show, which was pretty neat.  Then we stopped by the Star Wars area, but the Star Tours ride was closed.  There was a Jedi Training Academy stage show that was really neat.  They took a group of kids, dressed them in Padawan costumes and constructed Light Sabers for them. During the stage show, they would do their training routine and Darth Vader would come out and do a duel with each kid.  Pretty fun. Unfortunately, you had to sign up on a list very early in the morning (which we didn’t know about), so Tate couldn’t do the Academy.  He was a bit disappointed, but that’s how it goes.

Megan took Tate rode the Tower of Terror, Jasper fell asleep and I found a giant turkey leg to munch.  It was huge.  Tate said that he didn’t like the Tower of Terror because it made his tummy feel funny.  But later, asking him about his favorite part of the day, he said that the Tower of Terror was his favorite.

We had decided that we were going to make today a short day and have a quiet(er) dinner back at the condo.  So, we did a quick tour of the remainder of the park.  They had a nice Pixar section (a bit small relative to the contribution that Pixar has made toward saving Disney Animation from irrelevance) and a pretty extensive Muppets section.  We saw Lightening McQueen and Mater.  We decided to do the Prince Caspian attraction as our final stop before heading home.  It wasn’t that great, a 10 minute recap of the movie, a few cases of costumes and props and no mention of the new Daw Treader movie that was just released.

We made it home, ordered a pizza and did laundry.  The boys slept all night.

Friday we are going to the Animal Kingdom.

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