Disney Vaca: Day 2 – The Magic Kingdom

We spent Tuesday at The Magic Kingdom. The boys did really quite well, considering the complete sensory overload thrown at them.

Even Megan and I were a bit overwhelmed by everything that demanded to be seen.

The day started in the usual Vaughan family fashion. “Hurry up!  Shoes AND socks boys!”  But, we made it there just as things were opening up and stayed nearly until the park closed at 8.

We rode the monorail, which was exciting for me.  That is the first thing I remember of Disney World from the first time I went as a kid.  I remember riding the monorail through the triangle hotel, then getting off at the olde-timey USA main street.  And that’s exactly how it happened today.  It was great.

We hit the old stand-bys right away.  There were nearly no lines for Snow Whites Scary Adventure and “It’s a Small World”.  I think the Snow White ride used to be Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or something like that.

We made our way round to the Adventureland area only to find that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was closed for some undisclosed technical problems.  This was disappointing.  We did the fast-pass for the Jungle Boat Ride.  Whoever came up with the idea for fast-pass needs to get a raise.  The ride itself was fun and the guide was very funny.  It was clear that he was a non-native English speaker and hearing him trying to make puns was funnier than the puns themselves.

We stopped for some sack-lunch around noon, the proceeded to Tomorrowland.  Tomorrowland is my favorite part of the Magic Kingdom. The open and unashamed optimism of Tomorrowland really gets me going.  I was a bit disappointed that they hadn’t updated it much beyond adding some Buzz Lightyear and other high-tech character attractions.  The old idea of pride in progress and “keep moving forward” seemed to be lost.

Jasper fell asleep shortly after we got into Tomorrowland and didn’t wake up for nearly three hours.  He was dead to the world and Megan and I traded him back and forth as we took turns taking Tate into the various attractions.  We didn’t do Space Mountain because Tate was just barely too short.  I did the Carousel of Progress by myself.  It was a bit dated, even on the “current” portion of the presentation.

Jasper didn’t wake up until we worked our way over to the Mickey’s ‘Toontown Fair area.  By this time we were beginning to run low on steam, so we started searching for a nice-ish dinner spot.  Disney is full of fried-goodness food, but it seems that the more sit-down good food places are hidden away a bit.  We found the Liberty Tree Tavern and enjoyed a nice sit-down, family style dinner.  Tate barely ate, preferring to stare off into space or try to crowd onto Megan’s lap as she tried to eat.  Jasper just made a mess.  I think the secret to baby-soft skin must be mashed potatoes.  Everyone perked up a bit when the apple cobbler came out for desert, but it was clear that the day was spent and we were all ready to retire for a good night’s rest.

We made it back to the condo around 8, got the boys cleaned up and into bed.  They tried to fight sleeping, but it was just a ruse.  They were both conked out within an hour.

Tomorrow we are going to Epcot.  This is the part that I’ve been looking forward to the most.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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