Disney Vaca: Day 1 – Flying

We have been planning and saving for a long time and the day has finally come.

We left for Disney World in Orlando, Florida on Monday.  My biggest fear was making it through the airport (particularly through the security screening) with the two boys.  The boys did great and the TSA screeners were professional and courteous.

Our flight was delayed by about 20 minutes and then we started taxiing another 20 minutes after our re-scheduled departure.  The flight itself was uneventful and, again, the boys did very well.  They were a bit squirrelly, but they didn’t make too much noise and I don’t think the old people returning to their winter homes after visiting their grandchildren could hear them.

We did have one moment of excitement when Jasper decided he wanted to ride the luggage carousel.  Tate actually noticed him taking the ride before Megan or I noticed.  It was quite funny watching Tate run across the luggage area, chasing after his little brother yelling “JASPER!! JASPER!!”, then seeing Jasper laying belly-down on the moving conveyor, having the time of his little life.

We rented a red Dodge Charger for our commute between our condo and Disney.  I’ve got to say that I like the tech in the car, but don’t really like the car all that much.  I don’t think it’s the car itself, but just the type of car.  The doors are too small, especially for such a large car and the windows are too narrow.  I feel like I’m driving a tank with just a narrow view slot to see the road ahead.

The boys couldn’t get to sleep until we turned off all the lights and all piled into one bed.  Even then it took some patience and a lot of shooshing to get them to finally go to sleep.  A full day of new and exiting things, all while being strapped to seats and not able to run, made for a difficult bedtime.

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