Changes are coming to work. About a year ago I went through a bunch of upheaval to vet myself off the on-call and weekend duty rotation. Now it looks like I’m going to be going back to production support, a move about which I am a bit apprehensive.

I can handle being on call, if the calls are warrented. Historically, this hasn’t been the case and this will have to be one of the first things to be addressed if I go back into the on-call rotation. On the other hand, Sunday work will be particularly difficult for me and my family. Sunday is our day to worship and rest. This isn’t something that I am going to give up easily. I really don’t want to work on the weekend.

Beyond those points, I think here are plenty of good things I can contribute to the production “run” team.
– I have a healthy respect for the stability of the production envirmoment.
– I have a good set of skills and tools that help me manage a production environment.
– I understand and advocate strong change-control measures.
– I know the trading platforms very well.
– I don’t leave things unfinished. I follow through until I find an answer that satisfies me.

What i don’t have is a lot of patience for slackers and lazy people who can’t or won’t figure out the easy stuff for themselves. I’m happy to teach, but at some point the student needs to step out on their own. I can do good in this role if I can get past the crap that comes with supporting users.

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