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Digital Beatles

The family got Rock Band Beatles Edition for Christmas and it has been tremendous fun so far. So much fun in fact that I want to buy the music to listen to outside of the game. But I can’t. At … Continue reading

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Gameboy vs. 4-year-old

Tate found my old Gameboy this weekend and he is having a hard time figuring it out. He keeps touching the screen expecting something to happen. When I explain to him that he has to use the buttons he looks … Continue reading

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The burbs

We went out to the burbs today to do a bit of Mall walking and some last-minute shopping. It was crazy. The traffic was worse than downtown and people were outright mean, cutting off, hoking, tailgating, etc. They couldn’t even … Continue reading

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Old Star Trek

Watched most of Star Trek II with Tate. He fell asleep about half way through. I don’t think he likes the old ones, not enough Shiney. I like it though. Maybe I’m old or something. – Posted from my iPhone

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